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6 Mar

10 Questions Every LTE Operator Should Know

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LTE networks are complex. Something as simple as a CPU spike on a single device in the IMS core can result in a nationwide outage. Therefore, monitoring these networks is likely to induce a high level of stress.

Sometimes we need to step back and have a little fun.

Which is why SevOne has put together this quiz:

Do you know…

  • Which country was the first to deploy a commercial LTE network?
  • What is the largest channel bandwidth a UE is required to support in LTE?
  • Which RLC mode adds the least amount of delay to user traffic?

Step back from your hectic day and take 2 minutes to answer the quiz. Then share it with your co-workers and see if they know as much as you!

Written by Scott Frymire
Director of Content Marketing

Scott Frymire joined SevOne in September 2012 and currently serves as Director of Content Marketing. His primary interest is interpreting how IT trends in the enterprise and service provider markets – such as cloud, software-defined everything, and the Internet of Things – impact the performance monitoring landscape. Prior to SevOne, Scott spent 16 years in marketing business-to-business software and services for ERP solution providers including Prophet 21, Activant, and Epicor.

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