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4 Nov

A Look Back – and Ahead

It’s certainly a big day for SevOne and Turbonomic, even historic. On days like this, when a major corporate acquisition occurs, it’s appropriate to take a moment to reflect on where we came from and how we got here. More important for us, though, is an understanding of how our history and hard work have positioned us to win going forward as the nature of applications and networks continue to evolve. So, allow me to share my perspective on this.

First, it’s important to know that the decision to bring SevOne into the Turbonomic fold was a customer- and market-driven strategy. Even though SevOne has always been known for our network monitoring technologies and solutions, that’s just the ‘What’. The ‘Why’ of what we do has always been about applications. Specifically, we monitor and manage networks because they are the delivery mechanisms for apps. It’s apps that make the world go around, not networks.    

Today, networks are changing, becoming more distributed and more tightly integrated with applications and the infrastructure that they run on. That’s why SevOne’s technologies and solutions have followed suit -- extending from the WAN to the enterprise campuses to branch offices, datacenters, cloud and beyond.

With all the infrastructure changes we’ve seen, and the ones still to come, customers need network monitoring capabilities that stay current. They need that not just because their infrastructures are changing, but because apps and therefore app delivery, is changing. So, it’s still all about the apps. 

That’s where Turbonomic comes in. SevOne’s world-class network visibility and insights combined with Turbonomic’s industry-leading application resource management (ARM), presents tremendous upside opportunities. Why? Because it aligns network and application resource management capabilities with what enterprise customers need and how they operate their environments today. That is, in a more distributed, dynamic, and high-performance way.

The faster, more flexible and more user-responsive we can be, the greater our competitive advantages will be. Given the market’s direction, and what customers from both camps have been asking for, our combined companies will be better able to deliver application performance that is simple, scalable, and self-managing.

From my perspective, meeting those customer needs will propel our combined company through incredible new phases of growth. Keep your eye on this space for an upcoming series of posts that will provide you with updates on our progress and delve into some of our technological advancements. We all should be excited about what lies ahead. Let’s start shaping that future together!  

Written by Jim Melvin
Chief Operating Officer

Jim joined SevOne after 20 years in leadership and CEO roles in software, hardware, and SaaS businesses. He served as CEO of AppNeta for 5 years, as well as 2 years as President and CEO at Mazu Networks. Jim has an extensive background in leading companies and marketing teams through various stages of growth. He has been awarded three U.S. patents in fault tolerant systems design.

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