New Service Roll-Outs


Eliminate Network Performance Questions for New Apps & Services

Rolling out new services or applications in a sizable network environment has never been a particularly simple or easy task. Lately the job has gotten even more complicated with organizations are moving to next-gen technologies like cloud architectures, software-defined networking, and virtualized datacenters.

New Service Planning

To understand whether or not their networks can support the dynamic, real-time applications and services that users expect today, IT and NetOps teams need next-gen network and infrastructure monitoring. They need unified metrics, flows, and logs, as well as user experience data for end-to-end network visibility in near-real time.

To get that, they need a monitoring and management platform that offers broad data collection, along with speed, flexibility, and scalability. That’s what SevOne Data Platform delivers, and how it gives teams the unmatched network visibility and performance insights they need to ensure smooth and successful new service roll-outs.

To learn more about how SevOne can help with new service roll-outs, download this datasheet.