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4 May

SevOne and Red Hat Deliver a Powerful New NFV Solution with Service Assurance

SevOne together with Red Hat today unveiled a powerful new solution that the two companies collaborated on to bring to market. It’s a network functions virtualization (NFV) and service assurance solution that’s designed to enable communications service providers to implement and operate an NFV-based infrastructure with the benefit of full visibility of and insight into their virtualized services and the cloud infrastructures on which they run. 

11 Jan

Verizon, SevOne join forces to deliver added visibility into SDN services for enterprises

There’s big news from Verizon Enterprise Solutions and SevOne today. As the announcement from Verizon details, we are collaborating with Verizon Enterprise on solutions that overcome the network visibility challenges that many enterprise customers are experiencing in their infrastructure transformation.

9 Jan

GoDaddy Tames Growing Network Complexity with SevOne

Managing more than 63 million domains for 14 million customers makes GoDaddy the world’s #1 web hosting company. The company’s continued growth is fueled by its user-friendly offerings and new hosting options, along with its many acquisitions. While GoDaddy’s growth is a huge plus for the company, it was creating big increases in operational complexity, especially in its network infrastructure. With complexity growing steadily, monitoring and managing its network infrastructure was becoming an increasingly difficult task for GoDaddy’s Network Reliability team.

6 Jan

Electronic Arts Ensures That Its Games Go On With SevOne

With 300 million registered players, many top titles, and $4.4 billion in annual revenues, Electronic Arts (EA) is the world’s largest video game company. To ensure continued success, EA focuses on making sure its users can play their favorite games whenever and wherever they want to. With most players preferring the connected gaming experience, ensuring fast and reliable network performance is a top priority for the company.

15 Dec

U.K. Mobile Provider Ensures Service Reliability and Quality with SevOne


This major mobile company in the U.K. provides talk, text, and data services to 9 million customers, including more than 5 million 4G subscribers. The company prides itself on reliability, and is consistently ranked as having the U.K.’s most reliable mobile network. With its customer base and 4G footprint growing rapidly, maintaining its top-rated service reliability and coverage was the mobile provider’s top priority. However, the amount of change in its IT environment was presenting the company with new network monitoring and management challenges.