Cisco Alliance


The SevOne and Cisco alliance is designed to help our mutual customers achieve the highest benefit from both companies' technologies. Cisco customers can leverage SevOne to gain improved visibility and understanding of their Cisco IT infrastructure. Cisco and SevOne work together constantly to deliver even more value to our customers across the broad Cisco portfolio, including Cisco UCS, Nexus, ACI, IWAN, ASR, Catalyst and Borderless Network Architectures, supporting NetFlow, AVC, Flexible NetFlow, NBAR, IPSLA, MediaNet, Unified Communications and more.

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Cisco IP SLA Support

Network Operations teams need to continuously ensure that the network is capable of supporting key business applications. This includes being able to verify service guarantees, increase network reliability by validating network performance, and proactively identify network issues. Cisco IP SLAs uses active monitoring to generate traffic in a continuous, reliable, and predictable manner, enabling the measurement of network performance and health. Leveraging this technology within a network performance management system allows the operations team to utilize the network to verify performance when access to end-user response data is not available.


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SevOne and Cisco: Working Together to Build and Accelerate Value for Customers

In this video, Cisco’s VP of Worldwide Data Center Sales, Cynthia Johnson and SevOne SVP Jim Melvin discuss how the alliance between to two companies accelerates value for our customers. They highlight how joint solutions give customers the next-gen networking and infrastructure technologies they need for digital transformation, along with the monitoring capabilities required for rapid deployment, optimal operations, and short time to value.

Monitoring a Cisco ACI-Based Infrastructure

Dave Hegenbarth introduces the Cisco partnership alliance and discusses the benefits around monitoring application-centric infrastructure with SevOne.

Cisco Flexible Netflow Analysis

SevOne's Graphing Engine Displaying A NetFlow Report


When monitoring the performance of applications and networks, the more insight you have into the actual traffic, the better. NetFlow provides this insight.


Without the need of probes or sniffers, you can quickly and continuously monitor the makeup of the traffic traversing your most critical links. SevOne's NetFlow tool allows you to quickly spot bandwidth hogs and wasteful traffic, and gives you an understanding of how applications are using your network. These insights are critical to the decisions on how best to prioritize traffic and on the creation of policies to eliminate wasteful traffic.


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Cisco StarOS

4G LTE has quickly become the access network technology of choice for mobile network deployments because it enables high-speed mobile connections and cost effective Internet applications. However, it also creates new challenges in gaining end-to-end visibility of performance and availability of 4G LTE Radio Access Network (RAN), Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks and services.

The result: a data collection challenge that puts mobile operators at risk of not having visibility into critical network services. This “visibility gap” puts network and applications operations teams in the dark at exactly the time they need complete, real-time visibility into infrastructure performance.

To help provide operational insight into multi-vendor 4G LTE infrastructures, SevOne offers SevOne xStats Adapters for use with Cisco StarOS.

The SevOne xStats Adapter for use with Cisco StarOS provides the ability to monitor and manage the performance of Cisco StarOS PGW, SGW and xGW devices using device-collected and device-generated performance metrics. This allows customers to retrieve KPIs related to: S1-U, S4, S5, S8, S11, Gx and SGi Interfaces; Evolved Packet Gateway Device and Services; AAA Session Information (Active, Dormant and Total) for Radius and Diameter; APN and Bearer Statistics and Billing and Charging utilization to identify trends, monitor performance and aid with service assurance of the Cisco Aggregation Services Router product family supported by Cisco StarOS.


Cisco IWAN

Cisco Intelligent WAN (IWAN), is a software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solution that allows users to design large scale, highly available, secure and policy-driven WANs. The SevOne Digital Infrastructure Management Platform combines polled/collected metrics, NetFlow and logs to provide complete visibility into how the Cisco IWAN solution is performing in real time.

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