Ericsson Alliance

Ericsson a SevOne Partner

Ericsson and SevOne have partnered to deliver performance visibility for Ericsson customers across a broad range of implementations including the following Ericsson products: Converged Packet Gateway, Mobility Management Entity and Serving Gateway. These integrations are available today via SevOne professional services.


Ericsson CPG xStats Adapter


Ericsson MME xStats Adapter


Ericsson Operational Support System – Radio and Core (OSS-RC)

4G LTE has quickly become the access network technology of choice for mobile network deployments because it enables high-speed mobile connections and cost effective Internet applications. However, it also creates new challenges in gaining end-to-end visibility of performance and availability of 4G LTE Radio Access Network (RAN), Enhanced Packet Core (EPC) and IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) networks and services.


To help provide operational insight into multi-vendor 4G LTE infrastructures, SevOne offers SevOne xStats Adapters for use with Ericsson Operational Support System - Radio and Core (OSS-RC). The SevOne xStats Adapter for use Ericsson OSS-RC provides the ability to monitor and manage the performance of Ericsson OSS-RC LTE RAN and EPC Devices using Ericsson OSS-RC EMS performance metrics.

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