SevOne Data Appliance

SevOne Data Appliance, a family of virtual or physical appliances based on the NMS Cluster™ Architecture, provides deep collection and analysis of network and infrastructure metrics while integrating them with flow, log and user experience data into a single, easy-to-use dashboard.


The SevOne Data Appliance NMS helps organizations collect and analyze performance metrics from across
network and digital infrastructure, including NFV, SDN, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, Backhaul, 4G/5G, and more.

Complete Visibility of Your Network and Digital Infrastructure


Collect network and infrastructure metrics from any source, NFV, SDN, SD-WAN, Wi-Fi, Backhaul, 4G/5G, and more - no matter the size or scale.

SevOne Data Appliance, based on the patented NMS Cluster™ Architecture, manages 1,000s of different device types to collect every performance metric available from your network and digital infrastructure. If we don't currently support your SNMP data source, let us know, and we will work with you to support it in less than ten business days.

Collect & Analyze for a continuous stream of operational insights in real-time.

SevOne Data Appliance automatically baselines and trends every performance metric collected to show you what is normal and what is not. And when you need it most, SevOne Data Appliance will alert you (or multiple teams) about incoming issues. With data down to 1 second polling, and a year's worth of raw data, you'll be able to expose hidden issues and plan for future capacity. Integrate with SevOne Data Insight and quickly gain insights into your entire infrastructure, no matter the size.

Troubleshoot resource constraints and capacity issues

Thanks to built-in analytics, the SevOne Data Appliance can help you predict service-impacting events without the noise of false-positives. Our open API makes it easy to integrated into ITSM systems. The family of SevOne Data Appliances provide unique Metric-to-Flow and Metric-to-Log workflows, giving teams the ability to quickly pinpoint issues in less time - all without leaving your dashboard.

Meet user demands and scale your network with confidence.

Leveraging our patented SevOne NMS Cluster™ Architecture, SevOne Data Appliances provide linear scalability  in collecting, monitoring, and reporting. The NMS Cluster Architecture scales to fit the most demanding infrastructures, growing alongside your network service demands. The world’s largest companies rely on the SevOne NMS Cluster Architecture to monitor billions of data points a day.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Data collection is complicated. Getting insights from data shouldn't be.

Quickly adapt to market changes and roll out new services to meet customer demand

Streamline processes and reduce OpEx with automated operational control and business decision support

Rapidly identify and respond to issues that can negatively affect user experience


The SevOne Data Appliance DNC provides deep collection of infrastructure flows with insights into application traffic behavior to quickly make decisions on how to best prioritize traffic, plan capacity expansion and create policies to improve application performance.

Deep Insights into Application Behavior

Collect application flows from multiple sources

Collect application flows from any source, Cisco, Juniper, Arista, Citrix and more - all without the additional cost of probes. The family of SevOne Data Appliances will gather your flows and integrate them with your metrics, log and end user experience KPIs. SevOne supports industry standard flow formats from all leading vendors to collect application traffic information available from your infrastructure.

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Access a continuous stream of operational insights in real-time

Using the SevOne Data Appliance, you can monitor the traffic on your most critical links to easily spot rogue applications, bandwidth hogs, congestion, while understanding how applications are behaving on the infrastructure. With industry-leading collection and retention granularity, you'll be able to expose hidden issues and quickly gain insights into your entire infrastructure, no matter the size. Integrate with SevOne Data Insight for advanced visualizations and customized workflows.

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Pinpoint issues in less time

Troubleshoot resource constraints and capacity issues across your entire infrastructure. Thanks to its built-in analytics, the family of SevOne Data Appliances can help you predict service-impacting events without the noise of false-positives. And now with integration with Data Insight, flow reporting and customized workflows, teams can quickly pinpoint issues in less time and without leaving their dashboard.

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Meet user demands and scale your network with confidence

SevOne Data Appliance collects at one-second intervals and can and grow flow collection infinitely, while also storing up to seven days of raw flow data. It also has one year of aggregated flow data at one-minute intervals for each report template and interface. With SevOne Data Appliance, you can detect micro-spikes or short bursts of activity that can cause disruptions, revealing important information that other tools can miss.

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Application Traffic Insights at Your Fingertips

Deep visibility without external data probes.
Powered by the SevOne Data Platform

Collect, normalize and analyze your application traffic data no matter the flow format.

Build rich dashboards that optimize your operational workflows by combining metrics, flows, logs and end user experience from a single pane of glass.

Supports rich set of flow metadata such as IPFIX Variable Length fields or Cisco Application Visibility and Control (AVC) to give you deeper visibility into application traffic behaviors.


Move beyond traditional log search, into real-time troubleshooting of log data at scale. The SevOne Data Appliance PLA analyzes terabytes of log data daily in real-time. With the family of SevOne Data Appliances, you can correlate logs and performance events, thereby eliminating the need for log search in your process.

Real-Time Troubleshooting of Log Data

Correlate any log with your performance data

Increase performance visibility with real-time analysis of log files including Syslog, CSV, DNS, SSL, Access, statsD, UNIX error, Snare, Cron, and more. If your log type is not supported out of the box, let us know and we will support it within 10 business days.

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Real-time first-occurrence alerts

Enable threshold-based, first-occurrence alerts based on real-time log analysis for proactive alerts of customer and end-user behavioral trends.

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Real-time analysis of terabytes of data

Leverage SevOne Cluster architecture for distributed real-time analytics across your entire infrastructure - all within a single dashboard.

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Support new log types within minutes

Use the free SevOne Application Key Builder available at SevOne Connect to add support for new logs in 3 easy steps. Or let us know, and we'll do it for you within 10 business days.

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Real-Time Log Analytics

Seconds count when troubleshooting. Get operational insights in real-time.


Automatically correlate performance metrics with log data, with single-click “metric-to-log” when integrated with the SevOne Platform.

Improve visibility of the root cause of performance degradation.

Set proactive alerts on specific log content from across your infrastructure so you can be alerted to customer and end-user behavior trends.

Get insights and understand how configuration changes impact network performance.

Next Generation Log Analysis
Delivers Real Value

"SevOne is advancing the field of log analytics by moving beyond
traditional log search."

Shamus McGillicuddy, Senior Analyst, Network Management - Enterprise Management Associates

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SevOne Data Appliance EUE, a resell of AppNeta Performance Manager, actively tests entire network paths by using synthetic traffic, collecting in-depth end-user experience data across enterprise, cloud and communication service provider infrastructures.

Test any path. Any network. All the time.

Test Entire Network Paths

Measure any path across any network. Monitor Wi-Fi access points to local or remote servers over the mobile infrastructure, over VPN to remote offices, over the Internet to Web applications and into Cloud services, and more.

Quickly Fix Problems

Reduce time to resolution

Troubleshooting application response issues often require network, system and infrastructure teams to work together. Multiple teams can actively test, troubleshoot and pinpoint issues across the entire path applications take, including user, network, server, databases and more. As a result, you can gain valuable insight, and drive cross-team collaboration that can reduce mean time to resolution opposed to time to innocence.

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Insights into critical SaaS applications

Measure performance, functionality and availability directly from the end user’s perspective, using a real web browser. Get started in minutes for applications like Salesforce, Office 365, Google Apps and more. Monitor apps from the end user, through the network, to the app provider.

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Leverage critical business insights

With application-based SLAs, users automatically know when network performance blips are just blips, and when they’re affecting end users. A continuous stream of performance insight is compared against application-specific SLAs, so you know exactly when and how network performance impacts application performance.

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