SevOne Data Bus

SevOne Data Bus enables customers to connect their network and infrastructure data to external data lakes, BI packages, and automated controllers through real-time streams, extending the value of their data beyond that of the traditional operational silos.

Real-time Streaming Interface


Subscribe to data from the SevOne Data Appliance for NMS to feed upstream business intelligence, data lakes and other 3rd party and customer applications

SevOne Data Bus supports business decision making with real-time Kafka-based streams of network and infrastructure data as a critical component of the ecosystem required to operate and manage the world’s largest networks and infrastructure.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Data collection is complicated. Getting insights from data shouldn't be.

Connects SevOne Data Appliance for NMS to external streaming pipelines

Turns SevOne Data Platform deployments into Kafka producers

Provides mechanism to publish JSON and Avro encoded metadata

Enables filtering using device ID, object ID, device group and object groups

Enabling Operational Insights



"SevOne is a critical component to delivering success in alignment with our customers ever-changing needs."

Shawn Hakl, VP of Product and New Business Innovation - Verizon Enterprise Services

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Stop waiting minutes, even hours to get the data & insights you need now

  • Automatically index each data point and get real-time performance alerts.
  • SevOne End User Experience can monitor any network without impacting production applications.
  • Connect multiple data points and uncover hidden issues and new insights to stay ahead.
  • Fine, granular high speed collection that reveals small bursty spikes so you can have confidence in the data collected.
  • Our open API ensures easy integration into your existing operational and business support systems.

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