SevOne Data Insight

User-friendly features for creating customizable visualizations and workflows enhance network monitoring

Easily Find, Use and Share Valuable Insights Hidden in Your Network Performance Data


Use pre-built templates to easily create reports and workflows that meet your specific network monitoring needs. Reuse and repurpose them with minimal effort for maximum business value.

Leverage any of SevOne Data Insight’s out-of-the-box, multi-tenant-ready visualization templates. Each is embedded with in-depth knowledge of SevOne data structures, which makes creating customizable visualizations fast and easy. Use report linking to define reusable network performance monitoring workflows for any user, including operations and engineering team members, and line-of-business staff.

Now, for example, within the same browser tab, users can do all of the following. They can click on an alert summary, get the details of the alert, click for a summary report for that device, launch into a report for that specific interface and then drill down to an indicator level view for detailed analysis.


Ensure that your teams are reading from the “same sheet of music” for network performance monitoring.

Leverage the power of sharing templates and workflows. Equip all of your teams with the same capabilities,KPIs and thresholds so that they can use their network monitoring tools to watch the performance items deemed important by their organizations in consistent and cohesive ways.

Users can now automate groupings based on business and technical logic. Using Data Insight's filtering capability, they can create a single report or view, and then reuse it over and over again. They can simply select the grouping from a drop-down menu that pertains to their scope or responsibility, and the report's content will render only what's selected.

Remove barriers between datasets with easy integration of data from 3rd party sources

Enhance your network monitoring software deployment by extending it to include coverage of data from 3rd parties through seamless integration with your own performance and management data. Data Insight’s Widget Development Kit makes it fast and easy for users to create new, reusable widgets for rapid, customized visualization of 3rd party data.

Insights at Your Fingertips

Data collection is complicated. Getting insights from data shouldn't be.

Any User
Easily customize views for any user in the organization—from operations and engineering teams to line of business owners.

Any Data
Visualize all your SevOne data in one dashboard – integrate 3rd party data along with it.

Flexible Reports
Leverage smart filters to build flexible reports that boost efficiency, enabling actions like collapsing hundreds of reports into one.

Flexible Workflows
Create business-specific workflows for easy sharing of interactive content across teams.

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