SevOne Data Platform

The SevOne Data Platform provides the most comprehensive and scalable network and infrastructure management platform to enable the transition to virtualized networks and cloud services.


Industry’s First Cloud-Native Management Platform


The heart of the SevOne Data Platform.

SevOne Data Appliance, a family of on prem virtual or physical appliances, provides deep collection and analysis of network and infrastructure metrics while integrating them with flow, log and user experience data into a single, easy-to-use dashboard.   SevOne Data Appliance transforms heterogenous raw data into actionable, real-time insights to meet the agility, reliability and business efficiency needs of large enterprises, CSPs and MSPs.

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SevOne Data Insight opens up access to the real-time insights of the SevOne Data Platform to an entirely new set of users.

Using pre-defined widgets, users can easily create customizable visualizations and workflows that can be shared by any consumer across an organization, from line of business owners to engineering and operations teams.

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SevOne Data Bus enables users to subscribe to streams of insight from the SevOne Data Platform

SevOne Data Bus supports business decision making with real-time Kafka-based streams of network and infrastructure data as a critical component of the ecosystem required to operate and manage the world’s largest networks and infrastructure.

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Insights at Your Fingertips

Data collection is complicated. Getting insights from data shouldn't be.

Quickly adapt to market changes and roll out new services to meet customer demand

Streamline processes and reduce OpEx with automated operational control and business decision support

Rapidly identify and respond to issues that can negatively affect user experience

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SevOne provides modern monitoring and analytics solutions that organizations need to monitor their networks today, tomorrow and beyond.

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