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4G LTE: Challenges

With the expansion of 4G LTE networks, consumer demand is following.  4G LTE (Long Term Evolution) continues to bring significant advantages over 3G technology including increased efficiency, lower data transmission costs, faster speeds and lower latencies. 

Consumers expect powerful network performance and seamless experiences across all mobile platforms – leaving service operators to face competitive environments with several challenges:

  • Monitoring end-to-end LTE performance across complex architectures.
  • Delivering dashboards, reports, and alerts with speed at scale.
  • Ensuring LTE customers are satisfied with speed, performance, and their overall mobile experience.


SevOne's Sr. Director of Service Provider Solutions, Matt Goldberg, discusses the challenges with monitoring 4G LTE advanced deployments.

4G LTE: Limitless Capabilities

To leverage the power of LTE, operators need the right tools to deliver optimized networks with speed and power. 
SevOne delivers end-to-end breakthroughs in performance, speed, scalability, and ease-of-use – without limitations.

Through system-wide infrastructure monitoring and robust data collection across all key performance indicators, we deliver real-time network visibility to wireless service providers. These capabilities can bring a range of benefits:

  • Higher Performance:  Through speed and scale LTE decreases network traffic by sending and receiving data at a more rapid rate.
  • Lower Latency:  LTE offers faster response times including upload and download data transfer rates – reducing lag and latency issues. 
  • Stronger User Experiences:  LTE’s flexible architecture provides consistent, high-quality user experiences and productivity gains.
Customer Story

Learn how SevOne helped Accedian monitor all of their performance data , leveraging ethernet backhaul without sacrificing visibility.

4G LTE Infrastructure Monitoring

More and more of today’s service delivery environments are moving to hyperscale-based infrastructures. This creates a tidal wave of data and information that needs to be monitored and analyzed, including performance metrics, data flows & logs.

SevOne helps achieve this goal by removing visibility gaps and providing true speed at scale that allows you to leverage the power of integrated metrics, flows and logs. With SevOne, users can now understand what happened (metrics), quickly pivot to understand why it happened (logs) and see who it happened to (flows) -- all in one integrated infrastructure monitoring system.

Real-Time Performance Data

  • Pinpoint issues in real-time, no matter what the infrastructure size or scale.
  • Plan for needs like WAN links, CPU utilization, and power usage with confidence.
  • Guarantee availability and improve customer satisfaction across all platforms.
  • Ensure user success with total, end-to-end visibility using our executive dashboards.
  • View the entire infrastructure, including network, compute, storage, power and cooling.

LTE Infrastructure Monitoring

Monitoring a multi-vendor 4G LTE Infrastructure requires collection of metric, flow and log data at scale for end-to-end visibility into the performance and availability of networks and services from Access to Core.

Manage end-to-end network capacity

Effectively manage and optimize network capacity while reducing LTE, backhaul, and IMS expenditure and customer churn.

Ensure infrastructure is meeting demands

Proactively monitor network performance to ensure the infrastructure at all points meets current service level agreements and addresses future demands.

Optimize your LTE and IMS infrastructures

Optimize LTE and IMS infrastructures to support increased multi-media traffic levels, markets and geographies.

Exceed customer expectations

Isolate, determine, and alert on performance issues ahead of service impact to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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