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Keys to 5G Success for Carriers and Service Providers

Generational changes in networking architectures never happen overnight. They take time to unfold, take root, and make their way through large, diverse and complex markets. So, just like the transition from 3G to 4G LTE, the migration to 5G will be gradual, and manifest itself as an evolution of existing network capabilities. This gradual shift will mean than many organizations will be running 4G and 5G simultaneously, albeit in different parts of their operations. This is another reason why carriers, CSPs and MSPs need a next-gen network management system like the SevOne Data Platform.

The SevOne Data Platform can be leveraged by carriers to automate service assurance, performance, and visibility for OpenStack-based NFV infrastructure while also supporting today’s existing physical network infrastructure in a single management platform.

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Monitoring a multi-vendor 4G LTE Infrastructure requires collection of metric, flow and log data at scale for end-to-end network visibility. The SevOne Data Platform offers the coverage, flexibility and scalability carriers need to see and understand the performance and availability of their networks and services -- from Access to Core.

  • Manage end-to-end network capacity: Effectively manage and optimize network capacity while reducing LTE, backhaul, IMS expenditures, and customer churn.
  • Ensure infrastructure is meeting demands: Proactively monitor network performance to ensure that the infrastructure (at all points) is meeting current service level agreements and will be able to address future demands.
  • Optimize your LTE and IMS infrastructures: Optimize LTE and IMS infrastructures to support increased traffic levels.
  • Exceed customer expectations: Identify performance issues, determine their nature and causes, and alert on them ahead of service impacts to meet and exceed customer expectations.

Services for Carrier Networks

SevOne offers a complete set of professional services to help your organization make the most of its SevOne investments, including:

  • Implementation Services – Ensure your SevOne Solution is successfully implemented to meet your requirements.
  • Post-Implementation Services – Engage with SevOne Professional Services for the life cycle of your project with a range of Business and Platform Optimization Services
  • Custom Integration – Integration with your existing tools and solutions based on customer specific requirements
  • Gold and Platinum Maintenance – A full suite of services from eSupport, Software Updates, 7x24 Technical Customer Assistance, 10-Day New Device and Log Certifications and more
  • Customer Training – Increase your team’s effectiveness and on-going success with customer training sessions led by SevOne experts