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Improve Service Delivery with Integrated Metrics, Flows, and Logs

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Network Monitoring: Challenges

You're in Network Operations. The boss is on the phone, asking why the network isn't operating. Do you have the information to deliver the right answer?  No one likes having to say “I don’t know.” 

The scale and complexity of today’s IT infrastructures, and the limits of legacy performance monitoring solutions, make blind spots, knowledge gaps and delays inevitable.

The right performance monitoring platform can give you the flexibility, speed, integration, scale and data that you need to confidently answer today’s toughest questions.

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Improve Service Delivery with Integrated Metric, Flow, and Log Monitoring

Mature IT organizations are utilizing a variety of different technologies together to better monitor their network and application infrastructure. Tightly integrating performance metrics from SNMP, IP SLA, ICMP, and flow technologies like Jflow, sFlow, Cisco Netflow, and even log data can tell different facets of the same story, and help you reduce time to repair and identify anomalies.

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Integrating metric, flow and log data can dramatically increase service delivery.

SevOne ClusterTM

SevOne uses a patented, next-generation architecture built on the concepts of distributed computing. This architecture, known as the SevOne Cluster™, monitors millions of objects from a single pane of glass.

With SevOne, you get the fastest, most scalable performance monitoring platform available today. 

Our platform excels at handling the volume, variety, and velocity of data typical of today’s networks. Reports generate in seconds, not minutes or hours.

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Reporting and Troubleshooting at Speed and Scale

SevOne produces up-to-the-second live reports for time spans measured in months, with the last polled or collected data always represented. With SevOne Report Manager:

  • Get Instant Graphs and Ad Hoc Reports
  • View multiple graphical and tabular reports from one view
  • Automatically distribute reports to stakeholders
  • View critical network events and status maps
  • Quickly scan entire IT infrastructures and “top” lists

All of Your Performance Data in a Single Dashboard

SevOne provides breakthroughs in speed, scalability, and ease of use, delivering the industry’s fastest network performance management solution that collects and monitors all of your performance indicators, without limits. 

Collect Raw Data Continuously

SevOne maintains a year’s worth of as-polled data – without data aggregation or roll-up – for extremely granular historical performance views.

See Multiple Sources from One View

SevOne’s Report Wizard allows you to select which resources, settings, time frames, visualizations, and summary information you need to view.

Generate Lightning Fast Reports

Get reports in seconds.  Multiple appliances? With SevOne Cluster™, you can generate reports across your entire network - on any appliance.

3rd Party Integrations with SevOne

3rd Party Integration with SevOne

SevOne xStats™ offers out-of-the-box, automated data collection with in-depth data analysis for information originating from a variety of sources.

  • SevOne xStats™:   Easy collection of any time-stamped data
  • SevOne API: Enterprise integration with network management, operations support systems, and portals
  • Device Certification: 10 day SLA for new SNMP device certifications

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Never Lose Sight of Network Data.

Monitoring today's network infrastructures is complicated and getting the reports you need can be difficult. SevOne will help.

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