SDN Monitoring for Cisco ACI

Mitigate the transitional risk to Cisco ACI-based infrastructure

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Complete ACI Visibility

Transitioning from a legacy, static-based network to one that is policy-driven adds enhanced features and levels of security and availability. However, customers are often left with two networks — both of which need to be managed. Fortunately, when integrated with a Cisco ACI network, the SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution 2.2 for Cisco ACI provides insights into the legacy and the new software-defined network with performance metrics from both in a single dashboard. This reduces risk as the migration occurs.




Visualize ACI Performance

The SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution 2.2 for Cisco ACI automatically detects physical and virtual endpoints as they come online and immediately monitors their performance in the context of the way they were provisioned. The SevOne SDN Monitoring Solution provides real-time and historical inventory and performance metrics enabling operators to understand changes at the virtual level (for example, virtual machine creation or deletion), along with physical hardware performance, providing a complete view of overall data center performance.


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SDN Monitoring Services

SevOne offers a complete set of services to help your organization make the most of your SDN Monitoring investment, including:

  • Implementation Services – Ensure your SevOne Solution is successfully implemented to meet your requirements
  • Post-Implementation Services – Engage with SevOne Professional Services for the life cycle of your project with a range of Business and Platform Optimization Services
  • Custom Integration – Integration with your existing tools and solutions based on customer specific requirements
  • Gold and Platinum Maintenance –  A full suite of services from eSupport, Software Updates, 7x24 Technical Customer Assistance, 10-Day New Device and Log Certifications and more
  • Customer Training – Increase your team’s effectiveness and on-going success with customer training sessions led by SevOne experts