Capacity Planning and Bandwidth Management

Supported Technology

To meet the needs of today’s business environment, you need to ensure your IT infrastructure is operating at its peak efficiency during both the slowest and the busiest of times. Downtime can mean loss of business, loss of revenue, and most importantly, loss of customers.

To manage capacity effectively and to provide adequate bandwidth for critical services, you must know the answers to these three questions every day: How much bandwidth does your business need? How close towards maximum utilization are your servers? Which network interfaces will be most utilized 30 days from now?

SevOne's Dashboard Showing Total Bandwidth Consumed

SevOne makes proactive planning for a dynamic network environment a simple task because you need to know well in advance when your infrastructure will be reaching its maximum capacity. SevOne helps identify current bottlenecks in your infrastructure, and then enables you to increase capacity easily and quickly to meet growing demand.

Unique Benefits: