Ericsson Converged Packet Gateway (CPG) xStats Adapter

Supported Technology

Ericsson's Converged Packet Gateway (CPG) enables operators to offer cost-effective broadband services to fixed and mobile subscribers.

The Ericsson CPG xStats Adapter from SevOne pulls metrics from the Ericsson CPG for the following areas:

  • EPS Control Objects – a collection of objects and indicators providing Evolved Packet System (EPS) Control Plane information across the Serving Gateway (SGW) and Packet Data Network Gateway (PGW) functions
  • EPS Traffic Objects - a collection of counters and gauges providing EPS User Plane information for the SGW
  • EPS APN - the Access Point Name (APN) counts all data packets containing user payload data that are sent and received by the PGW for each APN over the SGi interface
  • PM GLB - provides subscriber statistics per virtual circuit

These Key Performance Indicators are representative of what can be achieved with SevOne’s xStats adapter for the Ericsson CPG. SevOne can provide additional metrics based on your monitoring needs.

Below is an example of how SevOne graphs the number of active subscribers through the bridged circuit and the number of active subscribers on the CLIPS circuit. SevOne automatically baselines these statistics, allowing alerts to be triggered based on hard thresholds or deviations from expected performance.

Sevone's Ericsson xStats Adapter

What Are the Benefits?

SevOne’s xStats adapters provide the fastest, most flexible way to collect multiple data sources and present them in side-by-side dashboards, even when SNMP is not available. For example, users can build monitoring dashboards that look at transport statistics from networks alongside response time metrics from active testing solutions and probes.

The Ericsson CPG xStats Adapter, available through SevOne Professional Services is designed to provide the insight you require, without having to cross-reference multiple Element Management Systems and Network Management Systems at the same time.